Humanoid AI

🇸🇴 Discord Bots

Get ready to level up your Discord game! We're building a bot that's gonna blow your mind! Our GPT-based chatbot is like your own personal sidekick, with a ton of empathy and just the right amount of sass. Whether you're in the medical field, legal world, or marketing biz, this bot's got you covered with smart answers to your industry-specific questions.
But wait, there's more! Discord can be self-hosted or accessed through the web app, and the best part? It's got a super cool API for easy interaction with the server.
Here's the catch: you'll need some serious computing power to keep up with all the info this bot will be dishing out. No worries, though! NLP Cloud's got your back with their GPT-J and GPT-NeoX APIs.
So get ready for the most epic Discord bot to hit the scene! It's coming soon!